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Desserts: Push Up Pops

These adorable treats we loved as kids are all grown up now and making their way to wedding dessert tables. Don’t just think ice cream when you think push up pops, these treats are now a gourmet treat with flavors like mocha madness, kahlua-n-cream, and key lime. Check out the breakfast parfait pop perfect for a bridal shower or morning after brunch. The ideas are limitless and the presentation is picture perfect!!

Push Up Pops

1. Mocha Madness
2. Watermelon
3. Fudge Brownie
4. Birthday Cake
5. Pumpkin Pie
6. S’mores
7. Breakfast Parfait
8. Strawberry Shortcake
9. Kahlua-N-Cream
10. Key Lime


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