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Exquisite Weddings Cover Contest Winner!

Our first-ever cover contest showcased the work of many talented local photographers. You chose a winner on We were ecstatic to have 4,510 people who voted and thank you to everyone! And the winner is… photographer Anjuli Paschall captured Conni and Clint Jespersen at the New Children’s Museum. The chalk bubbles, representing a San Diego sunset and the Pacific Ocean, were drawn by artist friend Angela Estes. “I thought that having the couple a few steps apart would fill the space nicely and also draw the eye to the center of the kiss,” says Paschall. The bride’s dress is Carolina Herrera. See it and buy it on newsstands on April 12, 2012!

Congratulations to all our finalists. It was a touch decision with great images to chose from…and they all looked great! To see all the submissions, go to


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