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Catering: Taco Bars

Every good southern-Californian enjoys a delicious taco. And a taco bar is a great way to inject fun and color into your rehearsal dinner or wedding. It can be the main course or a late night snack. They can be uber gourmet or simply authentic. Plus there are dozens of ways to dress up a taco (and you know we love to dress up). What’s your favorite taco?

1. Taco Bar
2. Baja Fish Tacos
3. Carne Asada Tacos
4. Raw Tacos
5. Kaleidobug Melamine Plates
6. Marimekko Sateenkaari Plates
7. Latte Bowls
8. Talavera Plates
9. Soho Taco
10. Heirloom LA Catering
11. Tacos Sign
12. Chalkboard Menu
13. Taco Bar Labels
14. Negra Modelo
15. Mexican Sangria
16. Mini Tequila Bottles
17. Jalapeno Margaritas
18. Jarritos Sodas

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