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Bouquet Bar: Protea Flowers

When I first started seeing protea  in bouquets and centerpieces, the unusual flower instantly caught my attention. It’s exotic look is captivating and from the photos below, you can see floral designers are pairing it with all types of other blooms for looks that are incredibly versatile and yet always stunning. Whether you want something romantic or something more earthy, protea is a perfect way to bring in a lot of texture and something unexpected. Which bouquet is your favorite?

Photo 1 by Heather Fitchet
Photo 2 by Louisa Bailey
Photo 3 by Cara Mia Photography 
Photo 4 by Rebecca Meissner
Photos 5&6 by Taschja Hattingh 
Photo 7 by Angi Welsch
Photo 8 by Once Wed
Photo 9 by Chris Munton


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