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Expert Advice: Organic Elements

It happens so often, a bride will sit at my desk and exclaim her love of peonies or ranunculus and I, far too often, have to be the bearer of bad news. I love what I do but Mother Nature can make my materials come and go as she pleases. Every wedding season is different. Sometimes flowers are early, sometimes they’re late. However this does not, and should not, affect your wedding. It may be the look you are in love with more than the flower and that look that can be recreated with similar flowers, usually for less. Here are my tips!
Available: March to July and October to December
Most sought after is, arguably, the peony. It is more plentiful than it once was however available colors do vary as we move through each season. These occasional lacks of availability, and their higher price, often lead us to consider their not so distant cousin, the garden rose. Garden roses are stunning, available in a variety of colors and, are of course, year round. Subbed in for a peony they carry the same opulence and magical simplicity as our ever beloved peony.

Available: November to May, with a few colors year round
Ranunculus can also be a popular, yet inaccessible choice for wedding florals. They are loved for their delicate flutters of high petal counts. There isn’t another flower that looks just like it, however spray roses in conventional or garden rose varieties, as well as lisianthus and zinnias can often mimic their look.

Available: April to November, with a few colors year round
And finally we come to one of my favorites, and a favorite of many brides, the dahlia. Dahlias come in an amazing array of colors, sizes and shapes. The offseason supply rarely meets the needs of our brides leading us to find a great stand in, the china mum. China mums have the same textural and soft characteristics of the dahlia but they are available year round at a reduced cost.

So as you explore your potential floral avenues, and believe me when I say that you have tons, remember to note what it is that you actually like about what you’re seeing. Is it always that specific flower, or is it more about the design’s composition and the general structure of the featured blooms? Every bride deserves her floral look regardless of her wedding date, and you’ll have it, with a little flexibility and imagination.

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Photos 1 & 2 by John Schnack Photography


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