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Bouquet Bar: Perfect Peonies

The onset of spring means peony season is just around the corner. These gorgeous pink flowers are a favorite of many but did you know they could be so versatile? If you’re a purist, you’ll like the bouquets made solely of peonies all in one shade. However, if you’re seeking something less traditional, mix in some succulents, billy balls, orchids, or unexpected leaves for a bouquet that is both unique and beautiful. It’s easy to see why these flowers reappear year after year. Have you ever seen anything prettier?

1. Pink peonies and succulents
2. Peonies and table number
3. White peony bouquet
4. Mixed flowers and peony bouquet
5. Single peonies
6. White, light pink and coral peonies
7. Couple
8. Peonies and glass bottle
9. White, pink peonies and leaves
10. Peonies wrapped with pink riboon

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