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Desserts: Sweets on Sticks

Move over cake pops, there are plenty more creative ideas for sweets on a stick! I rounded up 13 of them here but the ideas are endless. Pancakes, waffles, baked alaska.. anything is better as a pop! What an adorable and convenient way for your guests to sample many desserts without the hassle of utensils. What are your favorite POP ideas?

Sweets On Sticks

1. Rice Crispy Treats
2. Donuts
3. Popcorn Balls
4. Chocolate Covered Bananas
5. Buttermilk Pancakes
6. Cinnamon Rolls
7. Cookie Sticks
8. Pop-tarts
9. Ice Cream Cone
10. Waffles
11. Pie
12. Baked Alaska
13. S’more Marshmallows

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