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Groom’s Corner: What to Wear

Sometimes we girls take for granted just how many options are available to us. We have loads of choices for dresses, shoes, hair accessories and jewelry. But our guys; now they don’t get quite the same amount of attention. For today’s post, I decided to make it all about the men in our lives. I found stylish suits, skinny ties and sunglasses, hip watches, wallets, even cufflinks that can be customized. So if your stylish groom is at a loss, point him to some of these sources.

1. Tan Suit
2. Gray Suit
3. Gray Plaid Suit
4. Wool Vest
5. All Black
6. DIY Cold Feet Project
7. U Boat Watch
8. Silk Tie Wallets
9. Mustache Flasks
10. Striped Bow Tie
11. Blue Plaid Tie
12. Blue Suit
13. Gray and White Stripe Suit
14. Brown Wing Tips
15. Floral Bow Tie
16. Coordinate Cuff Links
17. Sunglasses

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