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Bouquet Bar: Unique Vases

Incorporating unique vases into your centerpieces can turn any arrangement into a conversation starter.  We pulled together 12 of our favorite unique vases from coffee mugs and tea tins to wood crates and mason jars and found no color combination or style that wouldn’t fit. The loose, more wild arrangements are gorgeous for spring and summer when ranunculus, dahlias and zinnias all come into season while coffee mugs and wood crates seem rustic and cozy for fall/winter events. Tell us, which would you choose?

1. Mason Jar Wedding Flowers
2. Flowers in Coffee Mugs
3. Wedding Flowers in Oyster Can
4. Wedding Flowers in a Tea Tin
5. Floral Bunches in Tea Tins
6. Watering Can Vase
7. Drawer Organizer Turned Vase
8. Wooden Caddy as Vase
9. Wood Box as Vase
10. Pansies in a Box
11. Succulent Urn
12. Wine Bottle Vases

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