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Expert Advice: Style by Organic Elements

Sharon from Organic Elements shares her tips on adding your personality into your wedding style. “I’ve spent much of my life studying color; how it plays upon neighboring shades and how a color palette can set the tone for an entire wedding. There are many color combinations that will work for your wedding, however, you need to decide upon the one that most suits the personality of your wedding. Think about the style and feel that these colors create in order to help you decide if they are right for you, this will help you narrow down your potential paths. Here are a few examples to get you inspired. Below is a “Vintage Romantic” look, created with a soft design of mauve, ivory, blush and antique tones, perfect for an old “Hollywood Glam” wedding.

Long feasting tables have become rather popular. Here is a simple display of ivory, blush, gray, tangerine, beige and silver creating a stylish but understated “Rustic Shabby Chic” display.

However maybe your look is a little more rich and modern. Here is a great textural look of ivory, rust, chocolate, amber, yellow and periwinkle that would work well for a “Brisk Autumn” setting.

Perhaps you’re opting for a more modern feel. These yellows, grays, white and hints of black speak to a sleek, “Upper East Side” look.

Rich tones of plum and hot pink can be livened up with pops of yellow and orange which work very well against a clean background of silver or white. Here you can see how well this combination lends itself well to a “Clean and Modern” design.

A subtle color twist can completely transform a popular color scheme. Here is a fall scheme with an unusual accent of gray and champagne creating a refined look for a “Fem Fall” wedding.

Understanding this process is key to finding your best color scheme. Here are a few more tips:

Hit the books: Continue thumbing through pictures of various color schemes still keeping in mind the feeling that they convey. Start broad and narrow it down, just because you like the look doesn’t mean it’s right for you.
Suit up: It’s amazing how often your perfect wedding color can be found right under your nose. So often I’m sitting with a bride that is having the hardest time describing just that right color she has in mind and I ask her, “Like the color you’re wearing?” and she says “Yes!”. You know what your favorite colors are, they’re hanging in your closet, go check them out.
Sample it: Take a trip down to the local home improvement store and head for the paint section. Lining up swatch samples given by the paint companies are a fantastic way to compare the exact colors and shades that will work best for you. Take them home and you’re ready to start your inspiration board.
Pin it up: You’ve got your style, you’ve got your colors; now it’s time to pull all of your design inspirations into one central location. Creating an inspiration board will help you map out the look and feel of your wedding, helping you to see that you are right on track.

Remember, as long as you are true to yourself and stay consistent, there are no wrong answers. Just have fun and enjoy your journey!”
Photo credits:
Vintage Shabby Chic: Photo by Terri Rippee
Upper East Side: Photo by She Wanders


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