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Desserts: Dessert Bars!

This post is going to make you crave something sweet! We are seeing dessert bars and creative setups at more and more receptions. We love the variety with multiple small cakes, donuts, cupcakes, cake pops, pies, and candy as the finishing touch. We were so inspired by this trend that we featured it in our latest Exquisite Weddings magazine. Here are our favorite eye-catching edibles!

1. Candy bar by A Sweet Addition
2, 3, 5: Donut bar by Tailored Sweets
4. Pink cake pops by Tailored Sweets
6. Ice Cream cake pops by Tailored Sweets
7. Raspberry mini cupcakes by Tailored Sweets
8. Raspberry mini cupcakes with pink soda by Tailored Sweets
8. Strawberry cupcakes by Tailored Sweets
10 & 11. Mini donut bar by Tailored Sweets
12. Chocolate mint cake by Tailored Sweets
13: Chocolate raspberry torte by Tailored Sweets
14: Angel food cake by Tailored Sweets
15: Bride and groom cake pops by Tailored Sweets
16. Chocolate raseberry torte and fun signage by Tailored Sweets
17. Mini cake bar by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.
18: Dessert bar by Fantasy Frosting
19: Mini heart pies by Fantasy Frosting
20, 21, 22: Cupcake tower by Cupcakes Squared
23 & 24: Dessert bar by Sweet & Saucy Shop

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