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Behind the Scenes: Fall 2011 Issue

There are hours of brainstorming, magazine page pulling, and internet browsing that go on before we actually sit down and prepare the editorial for Exquisite Weddings. Here’s an inside look at all the things that inspired our fall/winter issue. Don’t have the fall/winter issue yet? You can order yours here.

Sources: 1. Twiggs & Honey Silk Chiffon Flower 2. Vera Wang Gown 3. Striped Straws 4. Alyssa McNees, Creative Director, Photography by Studio Carre 5. Nail Polish 6. Yellow Bouquet 7. Fuchsia Shoe 8. J Crew Dress 9. Thread 10. Ice Cream Cups
Sources: 1. Moroccan Tea Glasses 2. Moroccan Lanterns 3. Editor, Ann Wycoff, Photography by Studio Carre 4. Thailand 5. Tropical Bouquets 6. Gown Sketches by Michelle Rahn 7. Amy Atlas Dessert TableSources:
1. Cake Pops 2. Celebrity Engagement Rings 3. Associate Publisher, Jennifer Rea, Photography by Studio Carre 4. Pelican Hill Resort 5. Mimi & Lu’s New Bridal Collection 6. Fun Menus 7. Molly Simm’s Mixed Bridesmaids Dresses 8. Vintage Furniture 9. Bold Cuffs 10. Velvet Shoes with Bling

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