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Expert Advice: Three Photography Styles

We’re showing off the work of three talented photographers…who each have their own unique style. Finding your photographer is a big part of your wedding planning process and we know it’s not easy. The first thing to do is decide as a couple what your style is…do you like bright photos with high contrast or is your style more classic? Today we’re here to help and give you suggestions for a photographer. Let us know what you think?
Brett Charles Rose is high energy photographer whose style shows off color and drama. He is currently celebrating the grand opening of his photography studio in the heart of Old Town San Diego. View all of Brett’s stunning shots at

White Haute Photography is an husband and wife photography team (Chris & Erinn Austin) for modern chic couples. They say their specialty is merging the modern and the vintage, creating a unique blend of striking imagery and classic emotion. All of White Haute Photography’s beautiful images and blog can be awed over at

Carrie McCluskey’s timeless style is easy to love. She has a subtle way of photographing raw emotions and special moments. We love her touch with wedding details, such as bouquets and tabletops. We featured a wedding she shot in the last issue of Exquisite Weddings…it’s gorgeous, take a peek. Also, to see more of Carrie McCluskey‘s style, check out her website (and blog) at

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