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Happy Birthday Jen!

We’re celebrating in the office today…it’s Jen’s birthday! We are appreciating all the things we love about her. We could go on and on, but for now here are ten things that make Jen so special. Join me in wishing her the best for her 30s…Happy Birthday Jen!

1. She’s always ready to toast a job well done! She loves champagne cocktails, especially the lavender champagne at Café Chloe
2. Two things Jen can’t get enough of….rainbows and chairs! We love hearing about the chairs she buys on Craigslist to reupholster. How many chairs can one girl own?
3. If you know Jen, you know how she loves to decorate. Garland is one of her favorites.
4. We love Jen’s fabulous jewelry that she makes and we all want to wear. Admire her designs on her website.
5. Her calmness during deadlines, thank you yoga!
6. No one loves ombre like Jen. She has pulled off the look on her finger nails.
7. We love her support and cheer she gives to her coworkers. Jen does all kinds of thoughtful gifts for the office.
8. Skittles! Her favorite snack (and also rainbow!)
9. We admire her fashion sense, she always looks great with her statement necklaces and big sunglasses. We can see her wanting these: Veronica sunglasses, Kate Spade
10. She hands out the prettiest stationary with sweet notes. We know she is going to want this chevron stationary from Paper Source.


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