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Inspiration: Vintage Tabletop

Today’s double post includes a bit of inspiration and some fabulous finds. This shoot by Andi Mans Photography is full of fun surprises. It’s charming design with floral teacups, paper flags and fuchsia carnations makes for a sweet entrance table to a ceremony or reception. Found objects have a charm about them that is hard to replicate with new accessories. But if you aren’t the antique scavenger that is required to achieve the look, you are in luck today! We rounded up our favorite vintage style finds so you can get the look without the hunt.

1. Eclectic Silver-Plated Candlesticks, $29-$64,
2. Watercolor Petals Cup & Saucer, $18
3. Gilded Gold Frames, $19-$39
4. Tallahassee Tan Suitcase, Available for Rent
5. PB Found Antique Pickling Jar, $139-$179
6. Organic Natural Burlap Banner, $20
7. Kenaf Table Runner, $39
8. Clevenger White Table, Available for Rent
9. Owl Shaped Lantern, $29-$59

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