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Beauty: Hairstyle Second Looks

For our Summer issue of Exquisite Weddings magazine, hair stylist and make-up artist Audra René transformed two beautiful brides-to-be with dual looks for their “big day.” Audra gave us her her advice on this growing trend of having a second look (see below!). Our real life brides were Allison Silber, a wedding blogger, is the creator and editor of Engaged & Inspired and Carrie Shields, Director of PR and Social Media at Bailey Gardiner. You’ll see all the fun we had with their hair, makeup and accessories. For more pictures and details behind our Exquisite Weddings photoshoot, click here.

Dress: Alvina Valenta rum pink silk duchess satin soft fluted gown available at The White Flower Bridal Boutique. Hairpiece: Rachel Larraine. Earrings: Mimi & Lu & Jennifer Rea. Bracelet: Justine Couture. Bouquet: Rae Florae. Clutch: Cady Briar Sash: Vocabulary Boutique in Little Italy. Photography: Nick Abadilla.

Dress: Paloma Blanca pocket gown available at Isis Bridal Boutique. Earrings & Bracelets: Mimi & Lu & Jennifer Rea. Bouquet: Rae Florae. Photography: Nick Abadilla.

Expert Advice

Audra René is a San Diego-based hair stylist, hair colorist and makeup artist. Audra René Studio is located in Mission Valley.

  • A growing trend I’m seeing for weddings is the showcasing of two looks during the course of the event. The most popular time to change your appearance is after the ceremony, before the reception. I call this a “Second Look.” This can be as dramatic as a completely different ensemble from head to toe, or for a more practical, easier, and quicker variation, only the hair and makeup can be changed. Swapping out jewelry and hair accessories is another fun thing to do.
  • Typically, a bride’s ceremony look is more demure, natural, and softer, while the reception look is more dramatic, glamorous, or chic. Many brides have a difficult time deciding what hair or makeup style to settle on for their wedding day. A Second Look offers the opportunity to wear multiple styles, giving more photo variety as well. Though you may think letting your hair down makes more sense for the reception, the most popular option is actually wearing the hair up. A properly constructed up-style will stay put through the last dance without falling flat. The biggest challenge in executing these style changes is the time factor. Usually, I have hours before the ceremony to prepare a bride for her wedding. For the Second Look, I only have 15 to 45 minutes to completely transform the hair and makeup. So it’s essential when designing the first look that I know where I am going with the second one.
  • If ever there is a time to make a dramatic entrance and truly embrace your glamorous side, it’s at your wedding. All eyes are on the bride, so why not make it two grand entrances, with two different hair styles, and really give your guests and groom something to “ooh” and “aah” about.

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