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Fabulous Finds: Ombre Accessories

There is something blissfully romantic about an ombre effect. When a color goes from its lightest shade to a fully saturated hue, the effect is calming yet vibrant. This trend is all over the place right now and its perfect for weddings. Here are a few of our favorite ways to infuse ombre into your fashion, decor or even your cake!GET THESE ITEMS:
1. Ombre Scarf, $16.99
2. Midori Ombre Ribbon
3. DIY Ombre Notecards from Martha Stewart
4. Ombre Cake by Maggie Austin
5. Gypsy Lulu Ombre Dress, $154
6. Paolo Costagli Ombre Pink Sapphire Bracelet, $9,900
7. Ombre Wedding Flowers from Martha Stewart Weddings

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