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Desserts: Pies and Tarts

Dessert at weddings is hardly restricted to wedding cakes these days. We’ve seen cupcakes, cake pops and candy bars all become popular. Perfect for summer, I love the idea of serving a selection of fresh baked pies to let guests satisfy their sweet tooth. Whether you are serving sliced up versions or minis, guests will appreciate the seasonal flavors of fresh fruit and a flaky crust. Take a look at these adorable dressed up versions that are almost too pretty to eat!

Sources: 1. Raspberry Tart 2. Mini Pies 3. Pie Pops 4. Mini Pies with Spoons 5. Mini Pies
Sources: 1. Pie Bar 2. Peach Cobbler 3. Pie with Banner 4. Mini Pies on Tiered Stand

Sources: 1. Pie with Cake Toppers via Ruffled 2. Mini Pie 3. Pie Contest Cards 4. Sliced Pie via Martha Stewart Weddings 5. Tart Bar


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