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Venue Inspiration: Terrace at the El Cortez

We’re fully into the spring season which means the days are getting warmer and we all start longing to spend a little more time outside. One of the most beautiful places to host an outdoor cocktail reception is the terrace at the El Cortez. With incredible views and the stars up above, your out-of-town guests will appreciate you letting them enjoy the warm night air. Today’s inspiration board is all about creating an outdoor lounge area with warm lantern lighting, cozy benches and summery cocktails that guests can help themselves to.

1. Drink Dispenser, $59
2. El Cortez Terrace, Photography by Jennifer Dery
3. Rubber Vase, $10.95
4. Sunshine Tea Towel, $9
5. Glass Lanterns, $9
6. Celebrate the Day Tumbler, $10
7. Mason Jars, set of 6, $24
8. Wood Outdoor Bench, $79.99


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