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Special Birthday Post!

Today’s events call for a special post. Not only is it Brittany’s birthday but Laurie is officially tying the knot to Simon in Coronado this afternoon. What two better reasons to celebrate? Brittany is in Northern California so we put together a post in honor of all the things we love about her. Happy Birthday Brittany! We’ll miss you at the wedding but we hope you are celebrating in style. We’ll be waiting with mimosas when you return for a special toast to the big 2-4!

1. She has impeccable style and a love for all things Anthropologie
2. She’s dedicated to yoga and is often rushing out of the office to get to class. (Yoga mat from Amazon)
3. She’s obsessed with mini dachshunds. She’d like one just like this!
4. & 5. She discovered the life changing combo of Midnight Moon Goat Cheese and Truffle Honey. Try it, it could change your life too!
6. She loves trivia night! It brings out her competitive spirit.
7. She loves to get around on her beach cruiser. Pictured cruiser is from Just Bicycles.
8. She will go nuts for anything mini, especially mini pancakes.
9. But her real favorite is crepes because her mom runs a crepe cafe. These ones are from San Diego favorite Chocolat.
10. She loves Glee!


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