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Catering: Food Trucks

The food truck scene in San Diego is going strong and we are big fans.  For lunch, at the farmer’s market, and especially as a final treat after a reception full of fun and dancing, food trucks are all the rage. This is a round up of our favorites but we know there are many! Which food truck are you craving?

San Diego Food Trucks


1. Sweet Treats: Nostalgic desert truck with Good Humor bars, ice cream, candy and a thumping stereo system.
2. Bare Back Kiwi Coach: Grill fare such as organic burgers teriyaki chicken, onion rings, fries, even turkey chili.
3. Joes on the Nose: Gourmet coffee, hot chocolate bars and smoothies.
4.Vineagogo: “Merlot” is Vineagogo’s adorable truck, offering traveling tastings and wine deliveries.
5/6. Miho Gastrotruck: Gourmet edibles, such as garlic-aioli burgers, shrimp po’boys, strawberry spinach salad and Belgian-style fries.
7. Green Truck : Healthy, organic gourmet food, such as Thai beef salad, tuna melts, and rosemary fries, as well as Mexican fiesta buffets.

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