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Concierge: Tips from Organic Elements

We have a special Concierge post today with San Diego floral designer, Sharon Mintz of Organic Elements. Sharon is widely known for her creativity and style. She consistently mixes bold colors, textures and unique vessels to create arrangements that are stunningly unique. What impresses me most about Sharon is how committed she is to creating exactly the design you are dreaming of.  Here are a few shots of some of her favorite floral designs plus her best wedding tips for all of you brides to be!ABOUT SHARON: It all began with a painting class when I was six, from then I knew my path was art. I began designing at 18 and never looked back. Organic Elements is the hybrid of all the beauty I have observed and the power of an amazing design team which I truly love.

Flexibility will save you money.
Is it the specific flowers you like or the overall look and design? Be particular about the flowers you love (especially in your bouquet) but also willing to substitute other, more expensive flowers, with less expensive ones that are similar to you.

Coordinators will save your life.
They will ultimately save you money. and years off of your life. As your planner, designer, family therapist and confidant they will make all aspects of your wedding more enjoyable, trust me.

Consistency will get you everywhere.
Get a venue that already embodies the feel of your wedding. Taking a space that doesn’t match your theme will cause you to spend a lot of money to remake it and, ultimately, never be quite right. The same goes for vendors. Select artists that area already producing the work you want for your wedding. Of course it will be tailored to you, however asking them to reinvent themselves for your wedding is an unnecessary risk.

Photographers are the eyes of your wedding.
Images are the only tangible product left of your wedding weeks later. Don’t skimp on your memories. Choose the best photographer you can afford, even if that means you can’t afford your album right away, it wouldn’t be worth buying an album of pictures you don’t like anyway.

Letting go will save your sanity.
Once you select a vendor, style, color or flavor, let that category go. There are about five versions of this wedding which you would love, pick one and feel confident that you’ve chosen well. As the pieces start to fall into place, let all that pressure fall off of you, simply enjoy the time. On the day of the wedding, hand off your cellphone and give yourself plenty of time to prepare so that you can simply stroll through your amazing day.

FAVORITE CLIENT MOMENT: There isn’t one; there could never be just one. The hugs are the best, both from the moms and brides when they see that I really got what they wanted and are so thrilled with the way it all came together. Thank you cards are even better. They come after the thrill of the wedding is gone however they still thought of me weeks or months later. They make my heart sing.

FAVORITE WEDDING TREND: Succulents. They’re growing out of every arrangement and I love it. We used to put them down, nobody ever wanted what’s local but now we’ve really come to appreciate the amazing shapes and designs they come in and it has been really fun to watch them interact with other floral product.

To see more work by Organic Elements visit their website or their blog.


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