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Concierge: Tips from Photographer Nick Abadilla

Todays tips are from talented San Diego photographer Nick Abadilla. For those of you not familiar with Nick, know only this–his incredible images are only the beginning of what makes Nick so wonderful to work with. He is kind-hearted, patient and incredibly dedicated to his clients and his craft. On top of all that, every shoot with him is undeniably fun and inspiring (see photos below). We asked Nick for some of his advice to couples in the midst of wedding planning. Tell us what you think!

Tip #1: As you consider venues for your wedding and reception, don’t be overly concerned with trying to envision the shot possibilities for your photographer. Presuming you’ve selected a creative photographer, let your him/her work that out. Select a venue based on what feels right for you.Tip #2: I always advise my customers that creative portraits only happen if you allow time for them. As you draft your wedding day itinerary, invite your photographer’s input as to how much time to reserve for portraiture. If portrait photography is treated as an afterthought and merely shoe-horned into day, your photographer will likely be rushed and only have time to shoot the typical ‘hold-hands-and-smile’ images. Also make sure your hair and make-up people recognize the importance of completing their job by the designated time. Often it’s somewhere at this stage that the schedule can potentially fall apart.Tip #3: Family formals portraits are very important part of the day, usually done immediately following the ceremony because everyone is present. These group shots are fairly basic and can be done quickly and efficiently if you plan accordingly. Prepare a list of the family groupings you’d like to photograph, preferably constraining it to immediate family – parents, siblings and their spouses/kids, grandparents – with you and your spouse in all of them. I don’t get the need to photograph either side of the family with only the bride or groom. After all, you’re all a family now, right? Also, be aware that opening the family formal portraits to cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. can lead to the dreaded never-ending family portrait session. Before you know it, the time remaining for those special post-ceremony portraits of you and your spouse? Gone. Your wedding guests? Grumpy and starving.

Tip #4: Step back and take deep breaths often throughout the day. Take it all in. The day will pass before you know it, so take the time and have a ‘wow’ moment for yourself.

Tip #5: Get an awesome DJ. Get an awesome DJ. Get an awesome DJ.

View more work by Nick at his website and blog.

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