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The Symbol of Your Commitment: Selecting the Perfect Wedding Band

It’s time to “ring” in the New Year…literally! Today we have great tips for you on picking the perfect wedding band from our friends at Tiffany & Co.. As the excitement of getting engaged transitions into wedding planning, keep in mind that the smallest item on your to-do list is also the most lasting. Selecting the perfect wedding band means choosing a symbol of your commitment to each other. Price, design and lifestyle all play into the decision.

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Here are tips on selecting your perfect wedding band from Cathryn Ramirez, Group Director, of Tiffany & Co.
• While most jewelers carry an assortment of wedding bands with different gemstones, diamonds have become the gemstone of choice because of their durability. Colored gemstones like sapphires or emeralds are also popular options. When deciding on the gemstones, it is important to take your lifestyle into consideration. If you are an active person with an engagement ring such as the Tiffany Etoile, you may want a simple platinum band to complement it. Tiffany does not recommend soldiering your wedding band to your engagement ring. There will be times when you are traveling when you may prefer to wear your wedding band alone.
• At Tiffany, we like to help couples select a band that matches or complements the engagement ring. The popular Tiffany® Setting diamond ring is a great example of a ring that offers variety because of its elegant simplicity. It can be purchased with a thin knife-edge wedding band that matches or a wider metal or diamond band.
• Engraving a message on the inside of the bands can give your band a personal touch. Inscribe your initials, the wedding date or a favorite saying. Keep in mind that most jewelers, including Tiffany & Co., require you purchase your band at least six weeks in advance to allow enough time for engraving.
• Lastly, remember that your band shopping doesn’t end upon the purchase of your wedding band. Many brides receive a second band down the road for a 5 or 10 year anniversary so it is important to plan accordingly when picking out your first band.

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