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Design Inspiration: Natural Beach Beauty

We are thrilled to share this gorgeous photoshoot with you designed by the ever talented team of She Wanders and Rae Florae.

“Authenticity becomes our desire to reveal the true beauty of the season, of the ocean, and our natural world as it moves. How does it feel to stand in the sand at dusk and know that the most beautiful day of your life is happening? When Suzanne Hansen of She Wanders captures an image her desire is for it to be the most authentic capture, an image that represents the beauty of life as it is. In this instance the image is the beauty of changing tides and temperatures as we see it in our Southern California backyard…

Creating that well worn welcoming ambiance was the project of Liz Beck of LBE: Liz Beck Events. As the quintessential beach here in San Diego, she suggested Coronado Island, reknowned for it’s white sand and glistening gold flecks not found anywhere else.

Dark wood Descanso tables and benches flanked by wicker armchairs…
Cornflower blue linen drapes naturally under burlap placemats…
Petite mossy green spoons for seaweed salad…
Playful sea kelp placecards by a local artist…

Seasons from summer to fall to winter change in many ways, but one favorite is the color of the water into a palette of olive indigo sea blue brown. Paula Rae of Rae Florae is a master of color blending within her world of flowers- incorporating shades of warm apricot, touches of breezy pink and fluffy beige within the obvious blues, greens, and browns… from kelp and barnacles to sun bleached starfish and sandollars and every colorful orange shimmering shell in between. The mixed hues wrap themselves around you like a blanket ushering in warm nights while we remember just yesterday wearing tank tops and running in the surf.

Textured blue sea glass and draping succulents and shells…
Bloomed out native Eucalyptus pods and dried mottled blue hydrangea…
Pointed okra sliced and dried to contrast the soft ruffly grey dusty miller leaves…
Pure white fragrant lilies and garden roses are so pretty when combined with the woody seed pods and tangled wooden lanterns…
Pampas grass, tiki torches and cabanas to watch the sunset, catching those last fading rays while you can.

To be on the ocean, barefoot and running is the way we want to experience it. Our fresh, young models are art students who each contributed to the creations of the day- from their hair pieces to the stationery, they represent the generation of DIY crafters with amazing skill and fun ideas. Megan wears a fun tea-length dress designed by Adele Wechsler, from her ECO Couture line; while the others wear dresses of their own choosing.

The transition from summer to fall, the fading light and richening of the senses..
Why not have one last hurrah- pull out the unicorn pinata and wish upon a star that summer’s romance would last, take a swing at the candy inside and hope this years pumpkin pie will be as sweet.” –Paula Rae


Floral & Decor: Paula Rae, Rae Florae, Photography: Suzanne Hansen, She Wanders Photography, Coordination & Rentals: Liz Beck, Liz Beck Weddings+Events, Make-Up: Ann Denicolo, Flirt Makeup, Hair: Lisa Marie Chernicky-Taylor, Model Call Salon, Gown: The White Flower, Twiggy by our Eco Friendly designer Adele Wechsler, Stationery: Gabriella Sanchez, Bench: Concepts Event Design, Linens: La Tavola


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