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Expert Advice: Tips for Engagement Rings

Enjoy this insider Q&A with Valley & Co. and Michael C. Fina.

Michael C. Fina Engagement Rings

What should every guy know about rings?
Every guy should realize that the setting of the engagement ring is as important as the center stone. If she is into a vintage look Tacori  brings to their designs through intricate detailing and their signature crescent silhouettes (1). If she is a romantic, she may love the classic looks of Mark Patterson that add small touches to make them modern and unique (4). Additionally, if she loves the look of multiple rows of smaller diamonds to sparkle from all angles, then Michael B. would be the perfect fit; he is regarded as the master of micropave. For the modern girl, Maevona’s intricate metal work and European flair promise to give her a truly unique look (3). In addition, to set her center stone apart, you should consider the purchase of a Hearts On Fire diamond. Hearts on Fire diamonds are the world’s most perfectly cut and therefore, sparkle like no other. They will look larger than generic diamonds of the same carat weight and will really stand out.

What are some hot trends in rings? (Designers, stones, settings, etc.)
Going platinum is certainly popular right now, but it’s not a trend—it has staying power. Micropave is also a very popular way to make the ring more intricate. Pave diamonds that create a halo around a center stone can make it look larger. But to give the ring that extra sparkle, we suggest a Hearts on Fire diamond in one if its custom settings. The Transcend is a great piece that comes completely set. It looks like the ring Joel Madden gave to Nicole Richie, whose wedding was this past weekend (5).

Michael C. Fina Transcend Engagement Ring
What is the best way to keep it classic?
The best way to keep it classic is to select a timeless style. When a man comes in to select a classic look, it’s usually a round diamond in a platinum solitaire setting; something that will never go out of style. It’s simple, sophisticated, and it’s a look that has certainly withstood the test of time. Our Michael C. Fina collection is the best line to find something classic (2). Pair this style ring with some diamond studs, a tennis bracelet, and a little black dress and you are the quintessential classic girl (with a glamorous twist of course). To give a classic look like this a pop, men often opt for pave diamonds on the band to give this look a twist.

What are the biggest mistakes and ways to avoid them when it comes to engagements?
Not knowing her style. We understand the purchase of an engagement ring is a very difficult one for a man to make, but we will work with you to learn all about her— her career, her style preferences, her lifestyle— to assure we help you select just the right piece. We will also educate you on the purchase of a ring as a whole (no need to do research for months), telling you what makes each designer we carry so special, reviewing the 4C’s with you, and just becoming a trusted resource for you. Our goal is to not only guide you through this purchase, but to build a lifelong relationship with each of our customers. Our jewelry associates are often invited to clients’ weddings, sent baby announcements, etc. because of the bond they form with their clients.

Featured Rings:

1. Solitaire Collection, Platinum & Diamond Ring Mounting, Tacori
2. Michael C. Fina Classic Engagement Ring
3. Stronsay Collection, Platinum Oval Solitaire Ring Mounting, Maevona
4. Promise Collection, Platinum Pave 3 Stone Ring Mounting, Mark Patterson
5. Transcend Dream Collection, Platinum 1.00Ct Sensational Ring, Hearts On Fire

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