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Groom’s Corner: Simple Rules for Guys

Nick of Valley & Co. is the male counterpart of the husband and wife wedding and event planning and design team and he’s got some simple rules for guys.His unique perspective makes guys feel comfortable and understood during the entire wedding process. Advice for the groom often gets overlooked, but grooms play just as important role in the wedding as the bride. Nick shares “simple rules us guys should know”.

Suits & Buttons:
If you’re wearing a two-button suit, never button the bottom button.
If you’re wearing a three-button suit, just button the top two and leave the third unbuttoned.
If you’re wearing a double-breasted suit, never leave it unbuttoned.

Some General Rules:
If you’re donning suspenders, never wear a belt.
Skip squared-toe shoes.
If your shoes start to scuff, toss them.
Always wear a well-tailored suit. Baggy suits, no matter how nice, will make you look sloppy.
Pleated pants are a thing of the past. If you’ve got them, get rid of them.

Tuxes vs. Suits:
The law of etiquette states that black tie is only for evening wear. When you’re thinking about how to dress at your wedding, take into consideration your setting, time of day, and the feel of your event. Our opinion is that this is personal. Follow what fits what you and your fiancée both envision overall for your wedding day. If you choose to wear a tux, pick a classic cut. You’ll never look back and laugh and wonder why you wore that. If it’s good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for you. With this being said, wear what makes you happy.

Photo of the groomsmen by Narrative Images.


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